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AustralianBlackOpals.com is owned and operated by Opals International Jewelers, Inc. We are celebrating our 8th Year on the Internet, selling Gems and Jewelry to the Public. Our website is a Secure Shopping Site with Certified Diamonds, World-Class Opals and Award Winning Jewelry Designs. With thousands of Internet clients in 8 years, you can be assured of a quality, stunning product, fair price, unmatched OPAL Guarantee and PERSONAL, FAST service !! In addition we service the Jewelry Trade (over 22 years) as a Custom Cutting House (brick and mortar), Fine Jewelry Manufacturer and Wholesale Opal Supplier, as well as Gem and Jewelry Repair for thousands of US Retailers and Designers. Our Retail Store is in Bethany, OK USA with a tradition of over 22 Years in the Gem and Jewelry business. We are the only Internet Jewelry and Gem Business to let you view gems and jewelry in your home, with no obligation before you purchase ! In addition, we have a CyberCash approved Secure Shopping Site at Opals International Jewelers, Inc.

Our company is a proud member of Gemkey, Polygon, Jewelers of America (JA), Bethany Chamber of Commerce, BBB of OK and listed in the exclusive Jewelers Board of Trade.

Our GOAL is your complete Satisfaction ! We welcome the challenge and opportunity to supply new opals and other high quality gems as well as design special custom pieces of jewelry in all metals. Many times we can repair/ salvage damaged Gems, Jewelry or Opals or Opals that may have flaws or wear. Just because a stone has a small problem you would not believe what we can do to salvage your Opal Gem if we just have a chance to examine it via photo, drawing or in real life. See below for our POLICIES.


Opals International Jewelers Guarantee - Our OPALS are guaranteed for one year against natural crazing or cracking if sold by us to you loose (unset). In our jewelry, we have the same guarantee only if we set the stone. We will replace any crazed or cracked stone with one of equal or better quality or we will Refund your money. We cannot guarantee stones against damage done by normal wearing, mistreatment or placement/removal in the setting by someone else. In the last 10 years we have not had to honor this Guarantee because of our high quality stable Opals. Please follow enclosed opal care instructions with each purchase. Call us with any questions, detergents in dishwater, doing the garden and other physical labor are not conducive to Opals.


FACT: We want you to be Satisfied 100%, we back our Service Quality and Products...
FACT: We are in business to make money, this is our full-time job and this is our life !!
FACT: We love Opal / Colored Stones and we are experts in this area...if we do not know we will find out !
FACT: We can supply trade and client references to you at any time at your request.......
FACT: We are fully insured with Jewelers Mutual Insurance Coverage.......
FACT: We are listed with the Jewelers Board of Trade and Polygon Network Member
We endorse and follow all FTC guidelines on Gemstone disclosures of treatment and enhancement as well as descriptions on diamonds and metal types. If we have missed something please contact us.

1. How to Order: Please give us as much information as possible via email or phone and see detailed, ORDERING instructions on this page. For stones to be matched please send us the broken stones or other stones that you need matched for quality, size and colors. This goes for pieces to match other jewelry sets. Customer Number, Customer Name, Address, Phone Number, Stone, Size, Shape, Quantity, Color. Shipping and Handling due regardless of sale or return !!

2. Policy: Retail shopping individuals must give us a check to hold, or a credit card number for authorization only (see form below) if they want to view gems and jewelry in your home or office. For purchases we take credit cards through our secure site, via fax 405-495-6611 or via phone 405-495-6610 ( 1-800-376-6725). Mail can also be used for any purchases, please send cashiers check, personal check or money order. Via mail as well the credit card can be written down with instructions as to your purchase. For first time customers who wish to review loose opals or other gemstones, we will secure the value of the shipment until it is returned for purchase, partial purchase or full return. You will only be charged for postage and insurance if it is returned in full. You will only be charged if you decide to buy or you do not return all or part of the shipment. This has never happended but for first time customers we must protect ourselves and yourself. See MEMO process !!

2a. First time jewelers/designers will need to supply 3 business references or have JBT 1 or 2 rating, Fax info to 405-495-6611, Net 30 days open account, and/or memo. COD available to 3 and 4 rated jewelers unless already established in good standing. Allow at least two days to check references. Orders can be accompanied with a check or money order. Allow for check to clear. We are a part of the JBT Electronic information transfer. The immediate transfer of credit information gives JBT what they need to compile individual account ratings.

3. Returns and Refunds: Your 100% satisfaction is very important to us! If you are not completely satisfied with any item ordered from us, please return it within 30 days for full credit to your account or tell us what we can do to make the purchase satisfactory, sometimes it is just a minor change like earring backs type. gems@customfinejewelery.com. If a refund is desired, please specify with your return; email us gems@customfinejewelery.com or CALL us TOLL-FREE 1-800-376-6725 or 1-800-654-3259 to let us know that an item is being returned. All return items must be in re-salable original condition with original inventory codes and jewelry boxes. Please specify the invoice number of the returned item as well as your email address. Shipping and Handling will be due regardless of return, unless we totally messed up the order.

4. Shipping/Insurance: We ship all orders for FEDEX second day delivery, or USPS insured for less than $500 value. Registered Mail will be used for orders greater than $500 or Jewelry Value greater than $500. If next day is required, please inform us at time of order. An additional charge for overnight will be added such as Fedex 2nd Day is $15, 1st Priority $25 or Express US Mail. All international orders shipping will be quoted separate. All orders of less than $100 will have a $7.50 charge added for shipping and handling unless agreed upon otherwise. These orders will be shipped US Mail Priority or Fedex Ground depending on how long you have waited for the order. Our goal is delivery within 5 days, but almost any order can be delivered in 48 hours, except most Custom Designs of course. We will insure all orders over $100 for product value.

5. Minimum orders: No minimum on mounted jewelry or gems. Orders placed via our website and email with full details of your need, usually get an additional discount off of retail due to the efficiency savings and no phone calls. We do accept all credit cards and can take your card number via email or telephone or fax. We also have LAYAWAY and are always willing to work some split payments if we need to, we will try to work with you !

6. Physical Store Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. C.S.T. For special orders and meetings call for appointment. Virtual Store is open 24 hours, 7 days just email us:at gems@customfinejewelery.com We will try our hardest to reply within 24 hours, you can always call us at 800-376-6725 !!

7. Cutting and Repair: We offer a full service in cutting and polishing OPAL, Gem Cabochons and Custom Faceting of ANY Gemstone including diamonds. We also have expert Faceting people available at our call. If you have a stone that needs repair or re-polishing, we are happy to offer this service to you. Stones are accepted for repair/polish on a no-risk basis. We examine the situation and make recommendations to you on our opinion, you decide and we proceed. Costs average about $40 to $80 dependent on labor involved to remove, repolish and re-set the stone in a mounting etc. There is a $15.00 minimum on repairs.

8. Retail Internet: Our web site is a virtual shopping area with most of the same items in our physical store in Bethany, Oklahoma. Therefore, we have all pricing at our Retail, which is below traditional retail values since we cut many of the stones and manufacture much of our jewelry. If we are having a SALE in our store then we will have discounts off of our Internet Store products. We are also a major wholesaler to thousands of jewelry stores and designers worldwide, therefore we offer wholesale prices to those long-time volume customers. We cut opal, repolish opal, design jewelry, fix jewelry and manufacture jewelry. We custom cut and design opals, gems and settings in gold, silver and base metals. No job too small and please do not hesitate to ask, we may be able to help you or send you to someone who can !

9. Wholesale Internet: If you have a resale license please call 800-376-6725 and you can order at wholesale anything we offer. If you order via email as instructed above you get 10% discount always. In the future we will establish an area on our Internet Site at Please CALL 1-800-376-6725 for WHOLESALE inquires or go to http://www.polygon.net/~6131 for wholesale web site or CALL US. CALL for closeouts, specials and a 10 % discount on all orders placed via email in the wholesale section. See MEMO PROCESS for details...For example you need (2) 8 x 6 ovals, multicolor, $ xxx/ct we fill it ship it and you get the 10% discount off of wholesale, no phone calls, no surprises and we all save money. The same can be said for informing us that a piece is coming that needs a certain stone. This allows us to get the job ready before it arrives and we plan our work better.

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