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Also the MEMO process for additional details.

Basically, we send you goods at twice the value of a credit card or check secured shipment authorization. We give you a week to review and return, you are only charged if you steal our goods or you buy our goods. If the goods are returned without purchase you only owe for postage. For example, you want an Opal Ring, we send 3 rings worth $ 1500 for your review and we only ask you to "secure" $ 750 on our first deal. We do a credit card authorization only for $ 750 and then if all is ok with your credit we send the goods. That simple. We have never been "ripped off" and we have never caused any harm to any of our clients, see the many testimonials from just a few of our thousands of clients. Just print the form below, call us with your needs and fax with the credit card information, or send us a check and we will hold until the deal is decided.

Opals International Jewelers, Inc.
5770 NW Expressway, Suite 101
Oklahoma City, OK 73132 405-495-6610, 1-800-654-3259 or Fax 405-495-6611

Print this page, fill out below, and fax to us 405-495-6611



Credit Card#___________________________ Exp. Date ______________

Full Name as on Card __________________________________________________________________

Billing Address _____________________________________________________________________

Shipping Address _____________________________________________________________________

Phone Number ___________________________________

Signature ________________________________________

The above signature gives Opals International Jewelers, Inc. permission to do an Authorization Only request to secure ________________ for shipment of ________________________________. I also agree to return shipment in original condition minus any agreed upon items to purchase within the 10 day time period…estimated to be ______________________________________.

Print above page, fill out details, Fax to us 405-495-6611



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