In the spectrum of gemstones that display special optical effects, few materials can rival the pre-eminence of natural black opal for variety and beauty. This material exhibits a broad spectrum of color that changes as impinging light plays off the regimented layers of sub-microscopic spheres that form the basic structure of opal. In the best examples, dramatic splashes of color are juxtapositioned like puzzle pieces producing a wide range of patterns. Although some combinations are spectacular, others are more subdued, but all are always interesting because of the exceptional range of possibilities. The finest BLACK OPAL in the world comes from Lightning Ridge Australia in New South Wales. It is the RAREST of all opals and can sell for millions of dollars or more. The Red Multicolored form of black opal is the most prized ! Black Opal also comes in a "crystal form" but very dark background usually solid color, it may not have any solid black backing visible - in some cases may be double sided color. When held up to light you may be able to see through it thus "crystal". See all Opal Valuation section and Pricing/Value sections for more details or CALL TOLL FREE 1-800-654-3259 in the USA. ALL of our Natural Black Opals and Black Opal Doublets are from Lightning Ridge Australia, all of our stones are very stable and guaranteed for up to ONE YEAR against natural crazing and cracking.

Because of the curious nature of opal formation, it is possible for a variety of organic forms to be systematically replaced by opal bearing fluids that faithfully replicate the object during the replacement or fossilization process. Shell and other forms of plant life ( and even dinosauers) can be opalized in a slow, methodical process, that reproduces the shape of the original life form in both "precious" or "common" opals.

The uniqueness of these opals, familiar to the ancient seascape of Australia, has been faithfully mimicked in a highly transparent opal exhibiting any combination of colors across the spectrum but predominately a blue/green play of color, like the sea it started with. The desirability of any example of opal replacement is dependent on a combination of factors including shape, form, color, completeness and especially the brightness or quality of the actual gem material. The patterns can exhibit broad flashes, small flashfires, speckles of color or even pinpoints.

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