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This is our new front showcase with Diamonds and Diamond Jewelry. We have diamond ear studs, bangles, and many carat bracelets from $ 700 to $ 1500...very good quality diamonds and 14 kt and 10 kt gold.

Yes, we have high security, steel bars, and all the latest surveillance and security technology including REAL-TIME video 24 hour monitoring at our security company.

This is our new SILVER showcase area, featuring Silver Jewelry from Bali, handcrafted and our newest creations. All Silver Jewelry including Omega Neckchains/Chokers are $ 12 to $ 96..WOW..a value for sure, quality unmatched !!
This is our new gemstone jewelry showcase featuring all of our latest designs, old inventory on closeout and loose unique cameos/carvings.
This is me and the Kodak Digital Camera flash reflection and a closeup of the very colorful, unique patterns of the Agate Paper weights. Yes, those are fish on the top it reminds us of Pensacola Beach which we love so much !
This is one of our specialists cutting and polishing a gemstone and listening to his Sony Walkman. Now these are good working conditions for any employee. He does a great job and we would not have it any other way.
This is one of our work areas for repairs, product design and finished stone setting. It looks messy, but they never loose anything, and are very creative and never ever suggest that it needs to be cleaned up !
This showcase features our finest Opal Jewelry and Art Jewelry handcrafted at our facility. We cut the Opals from rough Australian rocks and design and manufacture at our store in Bethany, OK.
Another corner showcase with loose Opals, Art Jewelry, Rings and Brooches.Also a large selection of Blue/Green Overlay Jewelry..Black Opals from Lightning Ridge.


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